1978 - Robert Burnham - Burnham's Celestial Handbook (complete 3 Volume Set)

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Author : Burnham, Robert 
Title : Burnham's Celestial Handbook (complete 3 Volume Set)
Language : Text in English 
Publisher :  New York,  Dover, 1978. First thus.
Size :10 "X 6 "
Pages : Over 2000 pages
Binding : Very good hardcover binding (hinges fine) under a very good dust jacket in a removable mylar cover.
Content : Very good content (bright, tight and clean)
Illustrations Profusely illustrated with photographs

The books  : Very nice set. An observer's guide to the universe beyond the solar system, in three volumes; Vol 1: Andromeda Through Cetus 652 pgs, Vol 2: Chamaeleon Through Orion pgs 652-1347, and Vol 3: Pavo Through Vulpecula pgs, 1348-2138, revised and enlarged editions, includes photo illustrations, diagrams, charts, maps. All 3 volumes in fine, like new condition. Wonderful set.

The author Robert Burnham, Jr. (June 16, 1931 – March 20, 1993) was an American astronomer. He is best known for writing the classic three-volume Burnham's Celestial Handbook. In addition to his regular duties at the observatory, Burnham spent almost all of his free time working on the Celestial Handbook. His writing and his book were never officially supported by Lowell Observatory. Subtitled "An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System", the 2,138 page Burnham's Celestial Handbook combines a lengthy introduction to astronomy with catalog information for every constellation in the sky. Hundreds of photographic plates, tables, charts, and diagrams are included along with a vast amount of scientific and observing information, star lore, history, and even a little poetry. Thousands of stars and deep sky objects visible in small telescopes are covered in meticulous detail. Originally self-published in a loose-leaf serial format beginning in 1966, and with a revised edition by Dover Publications in 1978, the Celestial Handbook was well reviewed in amateur astronomy magazines and became a best seller in a very specialized field. It is still in print and is considered to be a classic in the literature of amateur astronomy.

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