1697 Rare French Philosophy Book - DE L'AMITIÉ, poème satirique contre les faux amis

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Author : Pierre de Villiers dit l’abbé de Villiers
Title : DE L'AMITIÉ, poème satirique contre les faux amis. [Bound together with:]  Abbé de V***, L’art de prêcher à un abbé (1692)
Language : Text in French.
Publisher : Paris, Chez Jacques Collombat, 1697.
Size : 7 " X 5 "
Pages :  107 - (15) - 88 pages
Binding : Very good full calf leather binding (hinges cracked on 0.5" but very tight,  overall scuffed and worn) under a protective mylar cover .
Content : Very good content (bright, tight and clean, rare staining and foxing).

The book : Rare 17th century French edition of this curious philosophical poem by the Abbe de Villiers, in which he conducts a very fine psychological analysis of friendship and quotes many characters of his time..

The author : Pierre de Villiers, the abbot of Villiers (born in Cognac in 1648 -?) Is a French abbot and writer. He entered the Jesuits first in 1666 and after in 1689 in the order of Cluny. He wrote many books in the seventeenth century, and many biographies and studies are attributed to him, such as the Letters on the Prayer of the Quietists or Prayer in Verse on the hope that one must have in Jesus Christ. The Abbe de Villiers is the first to suspect that the tales of Perrault were not written by the son of Charles Perrault, as announced by the editors, but by the academician himself-or at least in second Hand.

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