1988 - Pierre Henry Fontaine - Biologie et Ecologie Des Baleines De L'Atlantique Nord - First Edittion

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(English description)

Author : Fontaine, Pierre Henry
Title : Biologie Et Écologie Des Baleines De L'Atlantique Nord
Language : Text in French
Publisher : Québec: Sylvio Thibeault, 1988. First Edition.
Size : 7 "X 5 "
Pages : 185 pages
Binding : Very good softcover binding (hinges fine)
Content : Very good content (bright, tight and clean)
Illustrations : Profusely illustrated 

The book : "Nice and Rare first edition of this Guide to whales and whale watching. How much weight does a whale calf gain in one hour? What enables a sperm whale to remain in a single dive, often at great depths, for up to 90 minutes? Here for the first time in a single volume are answers to these questions and every other one we may have about the engaging, compelling creatures that are whales. Whales of the North Atlantic . Biology and Ecology is intended for students of biology, the inquisitive, friends of nature, people who want to gain the most from a whale-watching tour, or those who simply want to broaden their general knowledge. Its straightforward presentation and original colour photographs provide content that every reader will find enjoyable and enriching. The author, Pierre-Henry Fontaine, has gathered together for this work information from a wide range of sources, including specialized texts and his own discoveries. The result is more than a synthesis of knowledge; it is a superb achievement in scientific popularization that will enable the reader to share his passion for whales. Careful to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information presented, the first part explains key topics on cetaceans - their specific environmental adaptations, pollution and its effects, strandings, feeding, and others. The second part of the work consists of fact sheets that provide detailed, complete descriptions of each species."


(French description française)

Auteur : Fontaine, Pierre Henry
Titre : Biologie Et Écologie Des Baleines De L'Atlantique Nord
Langue : Texte en français
Éditions : Québec: Sylvio Thibeault, 1988. Première édition.
Dimensions : 18 cmX 13 cm
Pagination : 185 pages
Reliure : Excellente reliure souple (mors solides)
Contenu : Excellent état du contenu
Illustrations : Abondamment illustré

Le livre : Première édition de cet important ouvrage sur les baleines - Informations accessibles à tous avec photos inédites en couleurs. Cet ouvrage permet de répondre à toutes les questions concernant les baleines. Avec fiches signalétiques.

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