1993 - Danish poet Jens Peter Jacobsen - Marie Grubbe

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Author : Jens Peter Jacobsen
Title : Marie Grubbe 
Language : Text in French
Publisher : Toulouse, éditions Ombres, 1993.
Size : 7 "X 5 "
Pages : 248 pages
Binding : Very good softcover binding (hinges fine)
Content : Very good content (bright, tight and clean)
The book : Rare and nice French Edition of this major work by Danish Poet Jens Peter Jacobsen.
The author Jens Peter Jacobsen (7 April 1847 – 30 April 1885) was a Danish novelist, poet, and scientist, in Denmark often just written as "J. P. Jacobsen" (and pronounced "I. P. Jacobsen"). He began the naturalist movement in Danish literature and was a part of the Modern Breakthrough. Jacobsen was born in Thisted in Jutland, the eldest of the five children of a prosperous merchant. He went to school in Copenhagen and was a student at the University of Copenhagen in 1868. As a boy, he showed a remarkable talent for science, in particular botany. In 1870, although he was already secretly writing poetry, Jacobsen adopted botany as a profession. He was sent by a scientific body in Copenhagen to report on the flora of the islands of Anholt and Læsø. Around this time, the discoveries of Charles Darwin began to fascinate him. Realizing that the work of Darwin was not well known in Denmark, he translated The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man into Danish. When still young, Jacobsen was struck by tuberculosis which eventually ended his life. His illness prompted travels to southern Europe, cut him off from scientific investigation, and drove him to literature. He met the famous critic Georg Brandes, who was struck by his powers of expression, and under his influence, in the spring of 1873, Jacobsen began his great historical romance of Marie Grubbe.

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