1959 - Hoole Jackson - Silent and the Lost City

$15 USD

Jackson, Hoole. Silent and the Lost City. Blackie, London (1959). Book measures : 7"X5". 188 pages. Very good full cloth binding (hinges fine). Very good content (bright, tight and clean). Illustrated by James Moss.

The Book:
Rare nice copy of this book. Contents : Arrows - and Unexpected Visitors, The Spaniard's Secret, The Apaches - and a Map, Yellowbeard's Message, Medicine-man's Warning, Don Castillo Meets a Bear, Deadly Danger from Behind, Ambushed, Shots and a Shock, Battle in the Mountains, The Unknow Trail, Quickfinger in Danger, Adventure in the Dark, The Lost City, Unexpected Decision, The Coyote Strikes, Home Trail - Interrupted.

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